The meanings of the symbols in fractal artworks. Green Emerald

Each fractal I have painted conveys its own state, its own inner message, its own symbol. Let’s dive into the fractal world together!

I want to tell you the story behind the creation of each work that is dear to me, its meaning. Choice of colours and symbols. In this text, I reveal to you the symbols of the Green Emerald and their meanings. This fractal drawing radiates an aura of peace and harmony. It builds a sense of security, stability and faith.

The Green Emerald carries the famous Fibonacci spiral, a symbol of Divine proportion, harmony and harmony.

I chose this symbol for a reason, the fractal drawing captivated me with its unique symmetry – drawing with two hands and closing my eyes, I really didn’t expect such symmetry was possible. Observing the lines, their touches on each other, I felt that I wanted to capture the sense of harmony that was flooding in, and I used the Fibonacci spiral to do that.

This mysterious spiral repeats itself in sunflower seeds, pine cones and the growth of a tree leaf around the trunk. Also in shells, and in the alignment of planets in the Solar System. Even in the developing human foetus in the mother’s womb and in the human face!

Another important fractal symbol is the Domino dice. The object of the game is to form a chain of dice, where the dice have to be in contact with sides of the same number of points. For me, this game symbolises the search for the Balance of Life.

The drawing is decorated with a third element, the In and Jan sign. It is said that the balance between In and Jan determines a person’s harmony and health. It also means Dao – unity, the force that sustains life. This symbol is a path with an ever-changing reality.

Thank you for your precious time! If you feel you would like a bag, purse or cushion in your own colour, please write! I am sure that we will be able to create a colour and fractal duo just for you. 🤍

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