Collection: Joker

Fractal artwork Joker strengthens the inner sense of stability, independence, and maturity. It can help you realize yourself by communicating with others. Look at different situations from a different angle.

The work Joker is dominated by dark brown, blue, and orange colours. Dark brown is the colour of lifetime experience and material prosperity. It helps look at life from a different angle and accept challenges and failures as integral parts. Dark brown promotes responsibility and security and aids in setting priorities. Blue is considered the colour of harmony and faithfulness. It helps strengthen one’s inner stability, independence, and the feeling of security. Orange is the colour of relationships with the loved ones, energy, and charisma. It facilitates self-realization and communication with others, helps fulfil one’s potential and solve complex issues.

This painting captures the states of maturity and playfulness.

All of the fractal drawings were drawn on a white sheet of paper with eyes closed, using both hand simultaneously, and were coloured-in with pencils.