Collection: Scarlet flame/red scarlet

This fractal artwork particularly encourages creativity and transformation. Strengthens the will and perseverance, reveals the love from within, and the ability to create friendly relations. Maintains strength to finish what you start.

The work Scarlet Flame or Red Scarlet is a duet of pink and red colours. Pink is also known as the colour of love. It reveals a person’s ability to create friendly relations, compassion, and gentleness. Red is the colour of creativity, perseverance, and extraordinary activeness. Also called the colour of victors, it
grants strength to finish what you have started and strengthens the will, bravery, determination, and fortitude.

This painting captures the states of courage, drive, and transformation.

All of the fractal drawings were drawn on a white sheet of paper with eyes closed, using both hand simultaneously, and were coloured-in with pencils.