Collection: Zodiac Matter

The fractal artwork of art Zodiac Matter comprises all the zodiac constellations. Fractal strengthens consistency and concentration when making decisions. It gives strength to finish started work and can encourage you to take an important step.

The work of art Zodiac Matter stands out in terms of its colour gamut which is dominated by shades of red and a combination of green and yellow. This fractal painting comprises all the zodiac constellations. Green is the colour of health, prosperity, and concentration. It relaxes, heals, promotes
perseverance, disperses negative emotions, and helps focus when making decisions. Yellow is the colour of information and intellect. It helps receive and master information. Accents of pink, red, and violet reveal a person’s ability to build friendly relationships, foster sensibility and tenderness. Also, they grant determination to finish what you have started, strengthen the will, bravery, and fortitude, and activate the energy inside a person and may encourage to take an important, bold step.

This painting captures the states of courage, consistency, robustness, and possibility.

All of the fractal drawings were drawn on a white sheet of paper with eyes closed, using both hand simultaneously, and were coloured-in with pencils.