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Crossbody bag “Philosopher”

Crossbody bag “Philosopher”

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The work Philosopher radiates with yellow, light brown, and orange colours. The fractal painting’s uniqueness lies in the integrated Chinese symbols of luck, harmony, and hope and the Lord’s Prayer.

Yellow is the colour of information and intellect. It helps receive and master information. Light brown is called the colour of wisdom and spirituality. It enhances the ability to take a closer look at your life, as well as sensitiveness and faith. Orange is the colour of relationships with the loved ones, energy, and charisma. It facilitates self-realization and communication with others, helps fulfil one’s potential and solve complex issues.

This painting captures the states of confidence in the Universe, inquisitiveness, and openness.

All of the fractal drawings were drawn on a white sheet of paper with eyes closed, using both hand simultaneously, and were coloured-in with pencils.

  • Memorable gift for anyone in search of uniqueness. Each fractal artwork has a different meaning.
  • Read the meanings of all fractals here: Link to meanings of fractal drawings
  • Changeable handle and universal color palette makes the multifunctional pouch/bag easy to combine with various styles in your everyday life.  All the bags are single-sided, featuring a side with a fractal design, while the other side is either black, green, or another color. You can easily switch sides, essentially having a different-looking bag
  • Easy maintenance.  Machine washable at a temperature of 30°C. Innovative dye sublimation technology ensures that colors do not fade.
  • Bag set: two handles, storage bag, description of the fractal, and care instructions. Comes in a gift package with personalized wishes. Free shipping.
  • Size: Cosmetic-handbag size: 27 cm x 18 cm (10 cm bottom) Velvet handle: width: 5 cm, adjustable length: 79-140 cm. Cotton handle: width: 4 cm, adjustable length: 79-140 cm. Chain handle: width: 4 cm, length: 70 cm.


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